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Michelle and I leave Sunday night for Las Vegas and the Launch Network assessment. We will be meeting with other Church Planters and coaches that will see if we have what it takes to be a church planter. I have to admit that I am a little nervous about this. We don't know how to prepare and so pray has been our best preparation. We have spent a lot of prayer asking the Lord to keep us humble and not try to impress. I know that whether or not we are approved for training and financial support, God is giving us every indication that Hawaii is where we are going. So, we are trusting God to work through this for us.

On another note, Michelle and I have begun going through the house and clearing out items to sell. This will be our biggest yard sale ever! We have added a lawn mower, some tools, and a ton of small items from around the house. Praying for at least $1000, but hoping for $2000. This will allow us to pay for a website and some of our trip to Hawaii in September. June 25th is coming fast. I also will be selling my car soon. Probably in mid-July. This will put some miles on our van, but it seems to be working well.

Finally, it seems God has answered another prayer. We have been praying that if we sell our house by the end of summer, that we would have a place to live either for free or really inexpensive. About a week ago, one of our Legacy Builders in our church offered her house that she has been trying to sell for a while. If her house is still on the market when we sell ours, we can live in her house. I don't want to assume it is free of charge, but it seems to be that. I am grateful no matter which way it ends up knowing that we have a place to live. Now to get that house sold. Painting this week and next and then removal of wall paper in the kitchen. We need some help, so let me know if you are available to do some painting, cleaning or carpet installation. Then Clint Otto will be coming over to inspect and help us get the place sold. Ii has been a great house to live in. I hope God connects us quickly with a buyer. Thanks for your prayers, we keep watching God answer them. Here are more to pray for:

Our assessment with the Launch Network (also NAMB)

Yard Sale June 25th (wanting $2000)

Plane Tickets for September (need them to be inexpensive)

Help to get our house ready to sell

Selling our house quickly

Getting on the field by mid to late January!

Pastor Harlan Nakasone - He has kidney stones and is leading three church plants

Soli Deo Gloria,

Shawn Peoples


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