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Rough week, I needed our community!

This has been a heck of a month so far. Satan has done some great things to get Michelle and I in discouragement. First, I spent New Year's Eve, Day and the day after sick. I usually quarantine myself to the basement when sick and enjoyed (not) three days down stairs by myself. Michelle had to run the house while I was out of commission. After the weird stomach bug I had, I came down with a chest cold. On Thursday, as I was healing up, Michelle had a kidney stone attack. We went to the ER and they sent us home thinking she would pass the stone. Friday afternoon arrived and she ended back up in the ER. This time they sent her overnight to a hospital about 20 minutes away from the house, where she spent the night and had surgery the next day to take out the stone. Michelle's parents drove all night and some students helped me watch the kids. She came home Saturday after surgery, while we got Joshua to his first basketball game ever (thanks to Cliff Glenn) and Haleigh played in th