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TN was warm, Ohio was cold and Christ is still supreme!

I have had a great a refreshing time in TN and OH. I feel as Job did at the end of the book of Job: I may have lost temporal communion with those we left to move to Hawaii but I am one blessed man. So many people in my life have been an incredible blessing. Although our time here in the mainland is coming to a closure, I am excited about the road ahead. God has used this trip to both refresh me and refresh those I once was in constant fellowship with. Here are a few things the Lord did in and through my life!

1. Vance Pitman preached three time during Urbancrest's missions conference and here are the three things that the Lord taught me while listening:

a. We don't pray before the work, PRAYER IS THE WORK, then GOD WORKS!

I needed to hear this. I have been asking God for months now for how He is going to use us and He answered through Vance's preaching 1 Timothy 2:1-8. We are going to be a praying people and allowing God to join us to His activity in our lives, in Kapolei,…

Christ's Nature within me lives naturally out of me, my flesh hates it!

Today, as I was struggling through my Christ Walk (funny how I can struggle with Christ while walking with and in Him), I stumbled across a verse that is very freeing. As I challenged you in my last blog, I have been taking each few days to study the scriptures in the New Testament that have "IN CHRIST" within them. The study has been rocking my world and I am loving the freedom from the flesh and from worrying. Alongside this study, I have been reading "Walking in the Will of God" by Steve McVey (I suggest everyone read it, unless you like to worry and struggle with life). Today, as I was finishing chapter 4, Dr. McVey challenges the reader to study a few passages. As I read one of them, I almost jumped out of my seat and began to dance on the table here in Starbucks ( maybe I should have!) Here it is and here is what I saw!

"But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh. For the flesh sets its desire against the Spirit, and…