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The glory and pain of being conduit to the life of Jesus!

It has been almost 2 years since Michelle and I left the Hawaiian life; coming back to the mainland. There are days that we miss the islands but not the pain being there brought, although that pain had a glorious and great purpose by our Father in Heaven. I had become a very cocky pastor before we left for Hawaii. I used my questioning as a tool to tear down other pastors and ministries in my mind, instead of trying to learn from them. I had gotten so cocky that at one point, I felt the need to remove myself from certain gatherings because of my arrogance. God crushed that in Hawaii, along with other attitudes and the lack of making God my only pursuit.

    Since that time, it has been the foundation to what God has allowed me to teach. Pursuing Jesus and allowing His life to be lived through us as our primary calling. He saved us, not to have us do a bunch of good things for Him, but to live His life through us. In many conversations I have with other Christians, I hear come out…