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Learning a ton

It has been 7 months since Michelle and I surrendered to the Lord's invitation to Hawaii. Wow, time has flown and we see more and more how God is stretching us. Right now it feels like the quiet before the storm. I feel twice as busy, with tons of things to do. However, it still feels like we are not into the big things yet. Before I know it, I will be packing this house up (when it sells), taking my children to Memphis for the last time in a long time and putting my family on a plane to begin our lives in Hawaii. Although the time is flying, there have been times where I have been tempted to be discouraged. There is so much uncertainty around us and it seems that our move is still far off. This can be discouraging, especially since my role at the church is lessen incredibly since Judgement House is over. It is tempting to get in a lull and mope about waiting on the Lord to move in mighty ways to sell our house, raise our funding and get us debt free. But I also see that this is a…