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The trap of results based intimacy!

Some of you might know this, but the last few weeks have been tough. I am not asking for pity but am sharing that so you will see what has been revealed to me yesterday. I have had many of my prayer requests answered in being the Lead Pastor (I know it is suppose to be Senior Pastor but I like Lead better) at Faith Community Church Lakeside. I asked God to be able to preach the Word weekly, He has answered well. I asked God to be able to be part of a church that loves my family, He has answered well. I have asked God to use the gifts and abilities He has put in me and boy has He answered well. It has been an incredible pleasure to be in a church that desires God the way I am seeing. However, it has also been a hard past month with tough decisions that needed to be made, with leading through some struggles and casting vision without a complete picture from God yet (not to mention we are still living at the church 5 days a week).

      It has been a little overwhelming and simply I…