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My Husband is so good at what He does

I have been reading this book called "Grace Walk" by the author Steve McVey. It is simply rocking my world and helping me move from a law based Christian life (which is not the Christian life) to a love relationship with Christ. One of the statements that he makes in the book is that he moved from being a maid to Jesus (trying to do stuff for Jesus) to being the bride of Jesus (enjoying intimacy with Christ and just being with Him). I have watched Jesus (my spiritual husband) do the most incredible things in front of and through me this week.

Yesterday, I decided to go to the beach and read, thinking that the waves would give me a calm time reading. When I got to white plains two things immediately stuck out and got my attention (there goes my reading). First, there were tents set up there with a group called This is an organization that helps those with disabilities to surf. I watched a gentlemen that was in a wheelchair (it seems that he had no strength in …

God is rocking it here!

The last week has been incredible. I have seen God open up and invite us into people's lives. I am so excited, I do run around this Star Bucks shouting GLORY (Joe Veal'ish). I have been coaching volleyball here in Kapolei and God gave me an God appointment at the airport with one of the player's parents last week Monday. Then last night, a parent on our flag football team asked me what I did. I got to share our vision for our church and invited him to bible study. At first I thought he blew me off, but at the end of practice he asked when we were starting and told me he is bringing his wife with him. Are you kidding me? God did that and has allows us to invite other people to come over for dinner beginning next week. God has been rocking it! Today I had a two hour conversation with a man I will identify as Mr E ( he seems very influential here and I don't want to shame him). He told me about all the things he has been doing here on the island for the last 30 years. He …