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The Law is not versus Grace but is needed by Grace!

I have been spending the last few months pouring books about Grace into my life and it is simply overwhelming. I am seeing the true power of Grace and how is doesn't demand change but still produces it. It has been and still is an incredible journey to be on, but still one I will be on for years to come. One of my struggles over the past years with Grace is the place of the Law. I have to admit that I have had very little patience with people that attempt to live lawfully and that they find their righteousness there. Although I have had little patience for those attempting to live by the Law, I have not recognized my own lawful ways that I have preached over the years until about 2 years ago, God began to change my view of His Grace. God has ripped this demanding heart from me and replaced it with a desire to see all people live in Grace.

One the problems I possessed was a wrong view of the Law. I have always (well, since I said yes to Jesus) seen the Law as necessary to show my n…