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The problem with Christmas is that we are so easily satisfied!

If you don't know, you are about to: this is my favorite season of the year. Actually, Christmas is my favorite holiday EVER! Growing up in Hawaii, I would admire pictures of snowy streets with kids throwing snow. With our first t.v., I watched "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" and "Santa Claus is coming to town", dreaming of a Rockefeller Christmas. When we moved to the mainland, my dreams got bigger as I strung lights up on our house in Millington, TN. The feeling of a magical Christmas has always captured my heart. When Michelle and I got married, Christmas got better. I now had someone not only to share my Christmas dreams with, but also had someone to spoil with Christmas presents. When we had our kids, Christmas went to a whole new level. I continue to find myself swept up in giving to my family and enjoying their company during this incredible time of the year. Before I became a follower of Christ, Christmas was really about me. I remember being so ungrat