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God loves to show off

I know the title sounds a little arrogant, but really God loves to show Himself to His creation. We have found that to be true in these last few days. Since saying yes and beginning to walk with God on this journey, we believe God has already raised $5000 of monthly support. I am blown away at the works of God. I have just begun to get my paper work in for funding from the North American Mission Board (NAMB) and the Lord has raised up support through a few churches and friends. I love when God invites His people to join His work. That's exactly what Grace Community is, His Work.

   I have also been challenged by a book (Exponential by Dave and Jon Ferguson) I have been reading to dream big because you cannot out dream God. So I have been in prayer about what God might do with us. Have you braced yourself, here is the ultimate dream. 36,000 believers meeting in 36 different locations in Hawaii. Every location fully supporting 2 church plants and 2 foreign missionaries. That'…

A new Journey Begins

So what happened?

     Fifteen years ago if you would have asked Michelle and I if we would be starting a church in Hawaii, we would have just walked away. Neither of us were responding well to the call to ministry that the Lord was extending to us before we were married. Fourteen years ago when we submitted to the call, church planting and missions were the last things I wanted from God. Praise the Father that He knows our lives better than we do. On March 20, 2011 Michelle and I put our yes on the table. We could no longer live without following God on a journey that is going to be incredible.

     About 18 months ago, the Lord put a stirring in my heart to lead a church. I thought we would lead an established church, but the Lord patiently taught and led me though some hard times of growth. In September of 2010, Michelle said "I don't see you leading a work that is already existing, I see you starting something". I blew off that comment because I did not believe I was…