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One calling in one purpose: To be with Jesus!

As many of you know I have been jobless for the past 5 months. This has brought an array of emotions and a fight to trust the things of God. I have been begging God for answers on the job front, our provision and our family dynamic. I have seen God answer time and time again financially. It seems as if He waits until our checking account gets low and sends another check. So far, only one bill has gone unpaid and that was the bill to keep our insurance. God has been incredible toward our finances. He has also been incredible toward our family. I have never had so much time to be with my kids and wife. I am afraid that when I do land a job, I am going to miss the mid day wrestling events with my boys and the coloring events with my girls. I have grown to love my wife more in these months by simply being around her more and looking for ways to love her. God has been so good to us within our family.

     However, there has been this gnawing feeling that has been growing. I have felt…

Has it become acceptable to Gossip!

This week, I was asked to fill out a questionnaire for a church position. In this questionnaire I was asked "if I heard people at a dinner discussing what they didn't like about a television pastor, what would I do?" That's not the question word for word but it is in the same thought process. Of course, I gave my answer and then realized I am probably part of the crowd that is discussing other pastors and their problems. It has led me to a bigger question, is it okay for us as Christians to openly criticize pastors whom we have a problem with or when they do something like buy a house worth $1.7 million dollars. Basically, is it okay for me to gossip as a Christian?

So many times before I have answered this in my pastor's voice and said, "yes it is, I am protecting my sheep". Today, I am not so ready to make that statement. Maybe, I have matured or maybe I take these few scriptures with a little fear and trembling:

"Do not judge so that you will no…