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"It's too late to apologize" a little bad theology in a broken world.

So I woke up singing "it's too late for pumpkin pie" this morning with this tune I knew I had heard before. As I searched the Internet I found it "Apologize by Timberland featuring OneRepublic. I have to admit I really like the guys voice, he has incredible control and sound for a white guy.

As I am becoming addicted to this song, I began to listen to the message it seemed to portray. I have watched a couple of different videos on this song and have come to the same conclusions.

(a little legal note: I have not researched what the author says the meaning of this song is and will not assume that my definition of this song is the intent, I just see a few messages this song sends besides the awesome sound)

1. (and this one is true to many times) We humans think it's too late to apologize when we do something wrong.

How many relationships have we lost because of a lack of humility or concern for others. Never mind the fact that we might be dead wrong and be hurting …

Does Jesus get angry with Christians?

You bet! Wait, I know what is going on inside of you is something like this thought: "if Jesus is the all loving God, then how can He get angry?" or "it isn't nice to be angry?".

First, let me point you to a passage that while in my quiet time today God pointed out some issues in my own life.

"But when Jesus saw this, he was indignant and said to them, let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the Kingdom of God"
                                                                                          Mark 10:14

The word indignant means "I am Angry", incensed, or greatly displeased in the Greek. So Jesus' reaction to the disciples not allowing the children to come to Him resulted in Jesus getting angry at His followers for not getting it and getting in the way of it. What is "it", well I will answer that in a bit. If you read the passages before and after, you will see that the disciples were getting …

39 and something is still kicking me

Wait, that was Nathan this morning in my bed. He tends to sleep sideways thinking that our bed is big enough for him to sprawl out. And right now he is right, as long as he stays on his side of the bed. Well, I thought after scaring everyone with my last post about my struggles, I would write about what God has done in my life this past year. Hold on, this might be long...

1. He has shown me that I take on too much. I don't mean projects or events. What I mean is that I usually carry the burden of making ministry happen. Through a few friends named Paul, Vance, Mac and Aaron, God began to show me that it is not my job to grow the church or ministry but to stay connected to Him and allow His life to live through me. So many times I get overwhelmed at what I think needs to happen and I begin to carry the burden of making those things happen. But that's not what God has asked of me (or you). He asks me to stay connected to Jesus and allow the life of the vine to give me the beari…