"It's too late to apologize" a little bad theology in a broken world.

So I woke up singing "it's too late for pumpkin pie" this morning with this tune I knew I had heard before. As I searched the Internet I found it "Apologize by Timberland featuring OneRepublic. I have to admit I really like the guys voice, he has incredible control and sound for a white guy.

As I am becoming addicted to this song, I began to listen to the message it seemed to portray. I have watched a couple of different videos on this song and have come to the same conclusions.

(a little legal note: I have not researched what the author says the meaning of this song is and will not assume that my definition of this song is the intent, I just see a few messages this song sends besides the awesome sound)

1. (and this one is true to many times) We humans think it's too late to apologize when we do something wrong.

How many relationships have we lost because of a lack of humility or concern for others. Never mind the fact that we might be dead wrong and be hurting someone. I know there have been many times that I have hurt my wife and kids and did not want to apologize, but asking forgiveness for something you know you did is wrong helps restore broken relationships. Are our relationships important enough to ask forgiveness when we know we messed up?

2. (this one has some flaws) There are times when we cannot forgive people for what they did against us. Forgiveness is hard, I will admit that I have a hard time forgiving people when I have been deeply wounded or the relationship is not that important. However, forgiveness is a must to restore brokenness or a broken relationship. That doesn't mean that the relationship will be the same, but it is a must to keep relationships when people hurt us. As a follower of Jesus, He says for me to forgive people. He also tells me that people will hurt me and do awful things to me because of Christ in my life. Pain is not going away, so I can forgive or separate myself from people. People are going to irritate and hurt me, does that mean I need to be away from people? we are social creatures and thrive off of social interaction. Again, relationships are very important to us and if you are a follower of Jesus, very important to Him.

3. (this one is where the world gets it wrong) If I apply this song to our relationship with God, then I miss the very heart of God. It is never too late to ask God for forgiveness. The Word of God says that Christ died to restore our relationship that we broke with Him. This relationship can begin restoration by apology. If we ask God to forgive us in agreeing with God with what we did and how He sees our sin, He is faithful to forgive. Now forgiveness is not something we ask to manipulate someone into getting what we want. Asking forgiveness is seeing what you done as wrong, needing restoration and changing what you did. When we ask God to forgive, we see that we have broken God's commands, we see we need to change and we allow God to change us. Asking God to forgive begins the restoration process in our lives. But please don't forget to repent during your forgiveness. We must agree with God that what we have done and what we are being are flat wrong and we need Him to change. We need to turn away from what we have done.

Ever see someone ask for forgiveness and then do that same thing over and over again to the person they are in a relationship with? They really don't want forgiveness, they want to keep that person around and will say anything but won't do anything necessary to restore and make that relationship better. Apologizing rightly is hard and humbling because it makes the person you have hurt more important than yourself.

Just remember it never "too late for pumpkin pie" I mean "apologize". Thinking about writing a parody of this song.


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