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Quick update on the church plant

Hello readers of this blog. I wanted to give you a quick update on the church plant and our journey. We are beginning the fund raising process. I will be sending out letters in the next two weeks to friends, family and churches I have been connected with. We have been incredibly busy trying to get the house sold. There is a ton of painting left and hopefully it will be done this weekend. I have had to make some hard decisions about what I am going to do with my time. Since the church start is where we are going, I decided (through God's prompting) to stop schooling for a while. This will allow me to finish tasks on time and not feel so overwhelmed. Michelle and I are headed to Hawaii for a week in September to look at housing, meet partners, pray over the two towns that will be affected and show some friends Hawaii as they pray about joining this journey. Michelle and I then head to PA for a missions conference. September is going to be a busy month. Please pray for support partner

Marinate ... not Microwave

I know you are wondering why I titled this Marinate ... not Microwave. For the past three weeks this is what I am hearing in my soul. God is doing some incredible surgery on my heart and is revealing the selfishness I have lived in for so many years. I do love to see the Lord work, I just want Him to do it now! That is the issue of sin that is being removed out of my life. At our Launch Network assessment, we were told to enjoy the journey. Well, anyone that knows me knows that I hate driving, I would rather have a machine that zaps me to the place of destination. Time Machines need to hurry up and get here ...  sorry, just my microwave heart showing up. The only thing I marinate is a steak and most of the time I have the heat too high to cook it so that the best flavor comes out. If I could, I would microwave that sucker. However, this is not the journey that God has me on. I have been reminded that I cannot take anyone where I have not been as their pastor. So the Lord's process

You will know when you need God ... it is when you can't do it!

Desperation ... it is a place I don't like to be a lot. It usually means that I have failed or can't figure it out. Overwhelmed ... the word that I am using a lot these days. Inadequate ...  what I feel about myself in this journey with God. If I were not a King's kid, I would be in big trouble. However, I am reluctantly realizing these are great places to be in this journey with God. If I could accomplish what God is going to accomplish, I would not need Him and He would not get the glory or people drawn to Him. I have been reminded that I am in the middle of a God sized task and I can't do any of it. Desperation has begun to surface. This is when I see my need for Him the most. I am beginning to be desperate in some areas I need answers. I see that when others in the history of God's people were desperate, they would do anything to see God work. I am getting there! I am overwhelmed. I have way too much to do and to little time to do it. I also am feeling overwhe