Quick update on the church plant

Hello readers of this blog. I wanted to give you a quick update on the church plant and our journey. We are beginning the fund raising process. I will be sending out letters in the next two weeks to friends, family and churches I have been connected with. We have been incredibly busy trying to get the house sold. There is a ton of painting left and hopefully it will be done this weekend. I have had to make some hard decisions about what I am going to do with my time. Since the church start is where we are going, I decided (through God's prompting) to stop schooling for a while. This will allow me to finish tasks on time and not feel so overwhelmed. Michelle and I are headed to Hawaii for a week in September to look at housing, meet partners, pray over the two towns that will be affected and show some friends Hawaii as they pray about joining this journey. Michelle and I then head to PA for a missions conference. September is going to be a busy month. Please pray for support partners (prayer, missions teams and funding). We need prayer the most and want as many people as possible to lift up this journey to our Lord. Pray for the house to sell by early September. Pray for churches in Kaneohe and Kailua, we want to be partners with them, not a threat. God is so good to us and we appreciate all of you who have joined us in this journey.

Shawn  - Told you this would be quick!


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