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God's grace to me has been my wife!

My wife is currently asleep next to me as Mother's Day has come and gone. The woman in this picture is incredible. She is the mom to five of our kids, an adopted mother to many of the students we have lead, and the type of woman that I pray my daughters turn out to be. She is God's grace to me.

Years ago, when she and I were dating, we came to a push point in our relationship. Unfortunately for her, I was a self-conscious, jealous, fearful, controlling, and immature man; probably more like a little boy who had to have everyone serve them. My jealousy in our dating days has pushed our relationship to the brink of ending. As we sat in the car and cried, she made a decision not to end it, allowing me to continue being her man. Every day, I am thankful she continued on and pushed through my foolishness. I know I don't deserve her, and yet here I am, married to her for almost 20 years. 21 years ago, I almost forfeited one of the greatest gifts from God, but today I am reminded …

I hate silence, but is that a bad thing?

It has been 2 months since my last writing honoring my son and the man he is becoming. Tons of happened in that time and the Lord Jesus has been incredibly good to us in growing us and challenging sinful patterns in my life and our family's structure. However, He is not talking to me about our future. Thus one of the reasons I have not written in a while ... well that and I have not made time for it because I was angry. I have been acting like a spoiled brat for the months of January and February. I have been angry that God will not open doors I wanted or has given me answers I desire. This has been my plight these last months and what began as an incredibly promising year, has quickly become filled with angst, worry, and anger. Yes, this has been my walk to begin this year and yes, I am admitting to you that I have not walked faithfully trusting the Lord for our future while He has had to drag me through this time. Yes, God has been astonishingly quiet about our future but n…

Today, my son begins his journey of manhood! Happy Birthday Caleb!

Today is Caleb’s 13th birthday!
13 years ago, I anticipated his arrival with great expectation and desire. As much as I loved our daughter Haleigh, I wanted a son to share my likes and hobbies, to lead and train into a man, and to be a companion one day as he would begin manhood and have a family. In the last 13 years, I have not been disappointed with Caleb for a minute. He is everything I desire to be in a man; calm, caring, gentle, strong willed, steady, loving, and intelligent. In many ways, Caleb is like me and in many other ways he is not. We share a common love for analytical challenges. When he was under a year old, people would think he was mad because he would carry this scowl about him, however it wasn’t his emotion showing but his mental process showing while he attempted to analyze the people interacting with him and the situations he was experiencing. I could see in his eyes then, and still see today, a man engaging the world before speaking, and loving people through ac…