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I need your prayers! Especially when I cannot make a decision I need to make!

In my life with Jesus, there are times where I am asked to make decisions that I don't understand fully. Times of great turmoil in my heart take place while I wrestle over what is the Lord's will; wondering if my flesh is getting in the way or that Satan is placing desiring around me that tickles my flesh to accept what might be good but not what Jesus is leading us too. Two years ago, I felt the anguish of making a decision, with a magnitude of affects on my family, as we decided to come back to Ohio instead of heading to Memphis in waiting on the Lord. Years before that, I struggled with leading my family to become disciple makers through church planting in Hawaii ... leaving our beloved church and an extraordinary ministry. I have fought myself in these kinds of decisions, knowing my family would be at a crossroad, which could coarse shift us for God's glory or fleshly sinfulness. I have lost sleep over what bills to pay, how to go about confronting someone over t…

Trouble stays when we live from the wrong identity

Over the past few months, I have witnessed a constant struggle in my life. Unfortunately, my struggle has been uncovered at the expense of my arrogance toward someone else's struggle (don't you hate when God won't let you think that your better than some one else). As I have mulled over conversations and interactions with others ... it often reveals that I am living from the same source of lies and half-truth statements (also lies) that have plagued my christian walk for these 20+ years. What are those lies and half-truth statements, you might ask? Well, its actually a singular lie! It is one that all of us as Christ's Kingdom citizens and God's adopted children (by the way this is one and the same) live and struggle in. That we are anything less than His and what He says about us.      Identity is important to all of us. It is out of identity that we find our hopes and fears. It is out of identity that we find peace and turmoil. Our identity leads us to sin …