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Something God is teaching me right now!

The past month and a half have been an incredible roller coaster of emotions and events. I have gone in and out of depression, seen people leave our ministry, watched our core team grow spiritually and have come to a place of total insecurity. It has been amazing what we have been through and what God is directing me in. Since I finally admitted to a few people that I suffer from depression, Paul Gothardt; the pastor at Life Baptist Church Las Vegas, has been counseling me. Really I feel more like it is discipleship. I thought Paul would talk about my history, analyze my childhood and come up with a few techniques I needed to get through the depression. However, he has taken a totally different approach which I am finding incredibly freeing. Instead of working on my past, he is pointing me to God's present and what it means to live the "Christ life". He wrote a book called "8 Questions" which I believe everyone that is a believer needs to read. He al…