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Survive or Thrive, when normal really isn't normal!

Have you ever been stuck in a situation so long that you begun to think "this is never going to end"? I have and I have lived like the problem facing me will never change. So I accept the problem as mine and live like the problem will never end. I create patterns that lie within the problem and live these patterns out as if they are normal. When I have done this long enough, I actually begin to be threatened when someone might actually help me solve the problem. I might push that person away because the problem has begun to feel normal and I think I have control within the problem. I live as my life is now consumed to the point where I think this is how it has always been.

     Have any of you ever done that? Maybe, maybe not, but I see this pattern in many people. They have gotten so use to defeat, hurt, rejection, being alone that they live like it is normal. I have seen people actually be threatened when they see the solution to their problem coming. There is a false…