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McMurray, PA here we come?

I want to thank all of you for praying and encouraging us during our time back in Ohio. We have seen God do some incredible acts of Grace and Mercy toward our family. He has been so gracious to show me my idolatry and His wonderful kindness. We have learned so much in our time of waiting on God to assign us to the next part of our journey. 
Tonight, with great joy, I share that He is leading us to McMurray, PA. It isn't a done deal, however, God has moved some really big obstacles in getting us to our current place. He qualified me when I didn't qualify for the position. He has allowed me to be open and honest without scaring the pastor search team off. He has moved our hearts from Ohio to a people wanting an under-shepherd in Pennsylvania. He has done great things and we believe He is moving us to lead Faith Community Church Lakeside. 
I find it very ironic that as we were preparing to church plant in Hawaii, so many years ago, I felt an incredible urge to name our church pla…