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Let's be real for a moment or maybe for the rest of our lives?

One thing I have learned about myself on this journey is how selfish I am. Each day I live here in Hawaii and move through the hours, I see that much of my life is built on what I want or what comforts I love. I am realizing more and more each day how unsatisfying living for me is. As someone who has been marked with Christ, I find myself sick of things I try to put into my life for comfort, realizing how shallow and how false these things are. Our small group has been studying Colossians and God is revealing so much to me. Paul, the writer of Colossians (by the prompting of the Holy Spirit), says that his life has been completely transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in that the thing he thought he was to destroy has become the reason he lives (Colossians 1:24). This leads me to ask myself how the Gospel has transformed my life and how I am living for the Gospel. Can I tell you it is so easy to impress church people! People are at awe because I moved my family to a place away fro