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How much I have hated to wait for anything

One thing that I have struggled with these past months is not having a position or a place in ministry. This isn’t so much as not being a pastor but not being able to teach God’s word to people outside my family in a larger group gathering. Many times I have been tempted to start a church in my basement because I needed to teach (funny huh?). This time of waiting on the Lord has been hard but has been so good. God has been refining me these past months. 
Last month, I had the privilege to spend the weekend in Las Vegas and soak up time and cookies with the Gotthardt family. If their name sounds familiar it is because Paul Gotthardt has become a mentor in my life through this last year. One evening Paul asked me if I was okay with God taking His time in this journey. He then pointed me to chapter 2 of Miles Stanford’s book “The Complete Green Letters”. We had had this discussion before and as before I answered yes really meaning no. I was tired of waiting and felt ready to take the step…

When did rest turn into work?

No this is not a post fighting for all of us to quit working on Saturdays or Sundays (which is a good thing for you, your body and your family). I have been in a bunch of conversations with people recently asking me what my plan is or how will we make it without a job? I get the usual "do you even want to do ministry?" all the time when I talk about possibly finding work outside of the church. Believe me, there are mornings when I wake up panicking a bit over where our money is going to come from or am I doing enough to provide for my family. However, God usually steps in my life in these moments and reminds me that He has this and my only worry is to be with Him.

     In Matthew 11, Christ calls out to an overburdened crowd and proclaims this to them:

"Come to me all who are tired and overburdened, come to me and find REST for my teaching is EASY and my requirements of you are LIGHT" (My interpretation and emphasis)

     Christ called a people that were strug…