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Bring on 2014

As I sit here in bed wide awake an hour and 40 minutes into the new year, I am reflecting back on the past year and all that God brought us. Isn't that what philosophers usually do, think back before moving forward? Well, this guy is and I am thankful for a year that was one of my hardest yet one of the best. Here are just a few things God did in our lives this past year:

1. 2013 started with a bang - literally. Last year at this time I was getting ready to head to Ko'Olina Lagoons and watch the fireworks with my family and a couple of thousand people. I remember being in awe that God would let us be in Hawaii and how much I loved being outdoors in the winter time (without being cold)

2. I realized that I had depression. I still don't know how long I have lived in depression but 2012 and 2013 brought it to a head. For the first time I realized that I was in trouble if I didn't get help.

3. I got help! That help came in form of a man named Paul Gotthardt and Doss Estep.…

It would not surprise me if Duck Dynasty gets cancelled!

I know many of us have an opinion on A&E's suspending Phil Robertson and you have that right. What has taken me back is how angry we "in Christ" are getting toward A&E. I am pleased at the blessings people are putting on Phil Robertson's Facebook wall but I think we are missing the real point of what is going on in America:

"We are no longer the majority"

Christianity has become a minority in our culture. How else can we explain the need for churches to be planted, people to be sent out into their community and for the Gospel to be heard. In our city there are about 22,000 people (I believe this to be correct). The last time I heard a stat on churches there are 34 churches in Lebanon. That is 1 church for every 647 people. However pastors in Lebanon continue to say that less than 10% of Lebanon's population goes to church. That tells me that Christianity (at least in my city) is a minority. Can we grasp that? Can we realize that this world is no…

Intimacy is not for animals!

Over and over throughout scriptures I am seeing one theme! We were created for intimacy with God our creator. In Genesis chapter 2 the creation of man is shown in a special way. God stoops down and breathes into us. Why is this so important you might ask? Well, for once we don't see Him stooping down when animals or anything else is being created. He just speaks animals and other things created into existence, but not with man. The scriptures give the creation of man special attention in God stooping down to earth and breathing into a form of clay. This alone puts man as highly created over all other earthen things created. But that's not even the best thing about God creating man. He gives man something that is not given (spoken through the word about) to anything else created - His Spirit!

   God breathes Himself into man and what comes alive was always to have this special connection that no other created being can enjoy - INTIMACY! God breathed into Adam and created a b…