It would not surprise me if Duck Dynasty gets cancelled!

I know many of us have an opinion on A&E's suspending Phil Robertson and you have that right. What has taken me back is how angry we "in Christ" are getting toward A&E. I am pleased at the blessings people are putting on Phil Robertson's Facebook wall but I think we are missing the real point of what is going on in America:

"We are no longer the majority"

Christianity has become a minority in our culture. How else can we explain the need for churches to be planted, people to be sent out into their community and for the Gospel to be heard. In our city there are about 22,000 people (I believe this to be correct). The last time I heard a stat on churches there are 34 churches in Lebanon. That is 1 church for every 647 people. However pastors in Lebanon continue to say that less than 10% of Lebanon's population goes to church. That tells me that Christianity (at least in my city) is a minority. Can we grasp that? Can we realize that this world is not interested in what we want from them unless money or gifts are involved?

Its worse in places out west like Las Vegas where there are 1 church for every 6000+ people (that's a low estimate) or Phoenix Arizona where there are 1 church for every 10,000+ people. There are 2 million people that live in Las Vegas and 6 million that live in Phoenix. In Cincinnati, only 15% of the 1.6 million people that live there go to church. We are a minority who have been set aside to take the light of the Gospel to places that do not know Jesus.

Does it surprise us that we are the minority or does that drive us to call out to Christ, that He would be loved by the billions in this world that have never heard of Him? America is not a Christian nation but a secular nation that will do what it wants at the root of its heart, which naturally leads to sin. God saved us from sin, changed us from sin and sends us to those in sin to help them KNOW God.

My pleading to you is not to respond like this world does but respond as Christ has so many times, with grace and mercy. Let's worry less about our T.V. shows and concentrate our prayers to our neighbors who do not know Jesus. The need is greater today than ever for the Gospel to come out of us to those perishing without Christ.

It would not surprise me if A&E decides to cancel the show since they have declared they lay on the side of man and do not look to Jesus as their Lord and Savior! If they only saw their need for Christ Jesus, things would change ... in America!


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