What I have learned in 9 days

Nothing ... just kidding. I actually have learned a ton in our 9 days here in Hawaii and here they are:

1. I am going to fast and my plans are not always the Lord's plans. I thought I would hit the ground running, like every church position I have taken. WRONG, I have learned that God's timing on things are better than me trying to force things.

2. God's timing is incredible and what is needed. I have felt guilty for not being in Kapolei every minute we have been here. However, God has not opened our living in Kapolei yet and through the counsel of other church planters and pastors, my job right now is to get my family settled. This has made Michelle and I have honest talks about time away from home.

3. Our finding a house and vehicle were miracles. Nothing short of it! People here have told me that we have pulled off one of the hardest things in Hawaii, finding housing quickly. Not only did we find a house but we found one that is perfectly fit for ministry. It has upstairs bedrooms so the kids and Michelle can have privacy. It has an office attached to our bedroom, which allows me study time but also accountability. It has an extra room downstairs which Michelle can use as a school room and that we can use it as a 4th bedroom. It has a yard large enough to host 20-30 people. It has street parking for guests (in most neighborhoods in Kapolei, this is a no-no). Finally, it has quick access to both the town and the freeway.

4. That my family is the most important ministry I have. Without them, I have no ministry and God is going to use our family to reach others.

5. I still can make friends. I have had a few opportunities to meet people and each time we have, it has been a blessing.

6. God will start this church when He is ready, not just because I am here. This one is hard because it makes me trust that God has a plan and that He wants this church plant to succeed more than I do.

So here a a few lessons I have learned. I will write in a few days when I can expound more on what God is doing around me!



  1. In my prayers.. Glad you all are continuing to see miracles unfold!!

  2. god has used you in ways you dont even know in my family and iam sure he will continue his work with you there, thanks chris


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