Today is a Holiday

Well, not for me, but it is Prince Kuhio day. Prince Kuhio was royalty here on Hawaii. He drafted the first Hawaii Statehood bill in 1919 and helped set aside 200,000 acres for Hawaiians to have homes. Today, I tried to get my truck registration taken care of and had forgotten what today was. I am beginning to learn that I have a lot to learn. I think I am going to spend the week in a community center and with the chamber of commerce. Hopefully I can quit being the naive out of state guy and start engaging culture through itself.

Well, our first week in the house has been great. I can see that God has placed us in this house for a reason. We have already begun to engage our neighbors and our kids spent there hours yesterday playing with our neighbors kids. Our internet will not be hooked up until thursday, but this has allowed us to spend more time outside and cleaning. The house is about 65% ready, with a few more boxes to unpack and a few projects for me to hit this week. We are praying that we can invite people to a Bible study the first week or two in April.

I also had the opportunity to preach at FBC Nanakuli (just like it sounds). This is a small but loving group of people. The pastor was sick and asked me to fill in. We saw three commit their lives to Jesus yesterday and made a sweet connection with a local family in Waianae. Praying that the three would be discipled and taught how to be intimate with Jesus.

I know this is choppy, but i am exhausted. This weekend we spent doing a ton of work and hopefully by Wednesday, our home will be ready for guests. Pray for sleep this week. I have not been sleeping well and can't turn my mind off.

Also, please consider sending my children a card. Haleigh and Joshua both have birthdays next week. It would be a great blessing to have people send them a birthday card with some stickers or something special inside. I will put our address on the bottom of this entry. Thanks for praying for us.

Peoples Family
91-210 Wahane Place
Kapolei, HI 96707


  1. so exciting to hear of your home, your neighbors, your immediate involvement in your community, the folks saved, and new friends. WIll be much in prayer regarding your sleep and submission to His peace and tender leading. YOu have had to be responsible for many details in this time of transition. You are in your home now, and God is doing all the orchestrating necessary. Will pray for your true REST, as you work and learn and love. GOd is faithful to .. and in.. you. We met a gal, Lydia, from First Bapt Miamisburg tonight, who was so touched by meeting you, as you spoke to them just before leaving for Hawaii. SHe is a jewel. She is praying for you. Will look forw to continued updates. Savannah will be sure to get a note off to Joshua... she received her mail from him on Friday. She has been anxious to reply. Hugs to you, a very special family indeed.


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