So How Great is Our God?

Well how big and great do you think God is? I can tell you he is a whole lot bigger than I gave Him credit for. Here is a recap of things that have happened in the last month:

1. Our monthly funding seems to be set. We are still raising support in case some of the support falls through.

2. A month ago, we only had raise $12,000 leaving us $29,000 short. Today, after our moving sale (and because we sold our van last night) we will only be $9000 short of the money needed to move. Can you believe that? I am blown away at the goodness of God. That means almost everything we need to purchase when we get to Hawaii is almost done! We saved some money on tickets and moving things. We didn't get what we originally asked for on the van, but as the person was about to barter with me, I asked God what price I should take and guess what? That price that God gave me was the exact price the family offered to us. So today, I am driving a rental van until Monday night.

3. We said farewell to our immediate and spiritual families in Memphis. The emotions were overwhelming, but God was faithful to hold us together and keep us from losing control emotionally. He is giving us great peace and rest in Him. I can only describe it as a hurting heart being satisfied in a great Savior and God.

4. We had someone look at our house for the first time in months. Although they did not buy it, God greatly encouraged our hearts to show us that He is working on this house. Either we will sell it or maybe rent it. Who knows but the Lord.

5. Our partner churches have been a great blessing toward our seed money and monthly funding. We have 6 churches backing us and loving on us. It is a great honor to have these churches believe in what God is doing through us and in us.

6. God has connected us with two couples that have committed to join us in Hawaii sometime later this year. We also are beginning to make relationships with people in Hawaii that could be core members of the church.

7. God has made our marriage sweeter. We have nothing but Christ to hold on to and He has bonded our hearts together even more.

8. I feel like I am becoming a better father. My kids and I are having more conversations about the Lord and I am pointing them to Jesus even more because only He can truly comfort their hearts.

9. The Spirit is changing my heart. When I do not wake with Him, I miss Him. He is teaching me incredibly every day. I can see Him in so many things and Jesus is blowing my mind. Finally, Jesus is teaching me that I was never in control of my life and that He has had it the whole time. This has been both hard to swallow and freeing to hold on to.

Please pray for this weekend as we finish basketball season and spend our last Sunday at Urbancrest. Both of these events will be emotional. Then we fly out March 6th. Pray for my kids to handle the 20 hours of travel.

In His Control and Not mine!



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