What my flesh is missing but my heart rejoices for!

Tonight, Urbancrest Baptist Church will gather in several homes and hear from some of the faithful across the world. This week is Urbancrest's global focus on missions. It has always been an honor to be part of the Global Impact Celebration at Urbancrest, but this year the Lord has moved us a week before it. I struggled with this when we set this timeline to move, but I know that the Father in heaven has been faithful to teach me while I am here. I have learned so much that has caused me to lean on Him incredibly.

Over 40 missionaries (the faithful) have come to Urbancrest to share their story. Urbancrest also makes it a point to encourage and love on these faithful servants of God. Many of them have been alone in this journey and get recharged with the love that Urbancrest gives. I miss hanging with our pastoral team and these great people. Tonight is a time where Sunday School classes gather with two missionaries and listen to what God has done. Many of the Sunday School classes have been taking money in to help these faithful men and women in their work. I love this night and ask you to pray for a great awakening. That the members of Urbancrest would say yes to Jesus' individual calling on each life. At the end of GIC, the church will be asked to pledge money to further the Kingdom work that Urbancrest is involved in. Last year, this Faith Promise Fund was given $225, 000 in pledges by its members. I am praying that every wallet will be empty and that every retirement account will be rerouted for the kingdom. I would love to hear an $500,000 offering was pledged. There are over 1200 people that call Urbancrest home. If each would give $417, this amount would be hit. But that involves obedience not to buy a new car, or go an a really expensive vacation. That also means that some would have to give more where others would give what they can after needs. Pray that many would quit hiding their money and lives from God and give it away.

GIC is also where Michelle and said yes to God in this journey. We didn't know that is would be in Hawaii but we did know God was calling us. Pray for others who are being called out to say yes. Yes is hard because it requires no attachment and makes the person saying yes give up their place and comfort. However, I am reminded that yes also means that God has something much more incredible than the life people are currently living. Yes means God's best. Pray with me for many to say yes and to take the Gospel everywhere!

Pray hard for GIC tonight, tomorrow and Sunday! A great awakening is wanted by God, but it must be responded to by the people! God move us to YOU!

Tonight - Home briefings with the faithful

Tomorrow - The faithful will be blessed with brunch and then the church will gather for tasting the world's foods. After that, the church will gather to worship and respond to God's call to pray.

Sunday Morning - The church will gather for worship and respond to God's call to pledge their wallets and lives.

Sunday Night - The church will gather for worship and for those being called out to respond with a yes. I will tell you about some I already know about later!



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