Two Days and now we wake up!

Well, day two here in Hawaii has been interesting. We are all still dealing with Jet-Lag and the kids are begging me to get to the beach. It has rained the whole time we have been here so far. The flight over the ocean was a little rough but we made it. It has been a good two days here. We have seen a couple of houses and think we have one picked out. We will visit it tomorrow again and maybe sign the lease. We got some good new about or stuff. It will be here next week instead of waiting until the end of the month. So don't have to sleep on the floor for a couple of weeks.

Something cool happened while we were looking at the house we are going to rent yesterday. This lady next door, Sarah came running out to meet us. She thought we were moving in. She has two kids, the ages of my older kids. Michelle got a chance to talk with her. If we move in, it is good to know that we can reach out to the immediate neighbors.

Hopefully this weekend, we will be able to begin to purchase furniture we are missing and to move things into the house. We are living with church planters in Mililani. James and Julie Shiroma have been a great blessing to us. They have allowed us to live here and invade their privacy. We met them through John Hutton, a good friend at Urbancrest. John and James went to high school together and grew spiritually together. James is the lead pastor at "The Gathering" here in Mililani.

Pray for our budget. We under estimated our grocery and gas budget. We also did not put any taxes on our budget (because we usually get all of these back). This means we will be raising another $200-$500 a month. And I thought we were done with this, but God knew this and is already working it out. Thanks for your prayers!



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