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5 individual characteristics that my children have that I share with them and the lessons I have learned!

About 2 years ago I was asked to speak at a men's event here in Hawaii. I remember while speaking on character, I reflected on the characteristics I see in my children and what I learn from them. While at dinner that night, one of the men asked me how I knew my kids so well. I told him that I am an observer of people and practice that with my kids. In parenting, it is a must to observe and to think through how our children's character is being formed. This morning I woke up thinking about that conversation and reflected on current struggles I have had with my children and the revelation of some of their character. But before I talk about their character that I struggle with, let me brag on them. I am a blessed man by my kids. When I come home everyday, they leave whatever they are doing and run to me yelling my name. They burn for passion to be with me. They fight over who gets the next one on one daddy day. They show me their accomplishments and brag on what they have done fo…

God knows what I need when I need it (if I could remember this I would be better off)

For many of you, you know our struggles while here in Hawaii. You have walked with us, prayed with us and loved us through the unsure times and the great times. You are our family and we are so blessed to know that God has put people around us that truly love us. I start this way because I feel you all have been put in our lives because of the need to know God's love. Today, God made this very real.

This morning I woke up a little later than normal (due to some cute little 2 year old and his desire to play at 2 am in my bed). As I struggled to get out of bed this morning I had a great sense to meet God in my closet (where I do my time with our Lord most mornings). Most mornings I will head downstairs, get a quick bite to eat and then head to my closet to try and wake up before I meet with My Daddy in heaven. As I laid there this morning, struggling with words and wandering thoughts, I asked My Daddy if I could even call Him that this morning. I have not felt so lost in my thoughts…