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Lord our God! His name is Jesus!

As I sit here tonight, I am very thankful that God brings people into my life at the exact time I need them. This past week Josh and Kari Ortega blessed us with their presence for 9 days. At first Michelle and I were worried about what we would do with them (entertain them). We are in the middle of some serious spiritual battles, we didn't know if we even wanted anyone in our house again for at-least another two years. as we have done with God so many times, we swallowed our struggle and welcomed Josh and Kari into our home. We were weary and tired but we looked forward to a time being challenged by them and their trust in Jesus (they just spent 2 months in India living out of suit cases, washing their clothes in a bucket all to tell people about the incredible Jesus we serve). What we didn't expect was to be used to bless them.

Josh and Kari had just come off of 2 months in India, 3 months training on the Big Island. They have been away from their home in Ohio for 5 months an…

I am guilty of Copy Cat Christianity!

As I am sitting here in Starbucks right downstairs from the room we rent each Sunday to grow as a group of Jesus followers, it has struck me that I am Guilty. What am I guilty of? Being a copy cat christian! Many times I have fallen into the trap of the "be like me" success in Christianity and church leadership. Before you start throwing Paul's words at me "follow me as I follow Christ", let me make one thing very clear. Paul was following what Jesus told Him to do. This was Paul's mission to live Paul's mission. It is not my mission to live Paul's mission. My mission is to live the mission Christ has invited me to while on my journey with Jesus. Too many of us are trying to be another pastor, leader or christian. We are playing a dangerous mimic game that has us trying to be someone else and not what God has called us to walk in. God did not wire me like you and you are not wired like me (if you are run, run away!) God wired you and I specifically …