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Knowing how you find the L.A.W.S. will free you from religion!

During my time these last weeks in counseling, I was introduced to a concept that I knew but couldn't describe. It is L.A.W.S. This is what every human being in the world needs. Every one of us are wired to search for this and this is what drives us daily in finding our place in this world. It is Love, Acceptance, Worth and Security. We all long for it and it dictates much of our actions. One of the interested things I learned was that these are to be filled in us as children by our parents. Our parents are the driving force for finding our Love, Acceptance, Worth and Security. Dr. John Piper once preached "Fathers, be God to your kids until they know you are not". For years, I thought it was structure their lives and love them unconditionally until they realize how flawed you are, but I see now these means its my job (and my wife's) to fill my children and help them know how to find these in a healthy way. When parents fail to fill these for a child, the child will …

Hurt people hurt people when they don't know they are hurt!

For the last 6 months, I have had little desire to write on this blog. Every time I began to write, it became a venting post and I realized what my writing might cause more harm than good. The last few months have been especially hard. For a while, I thought this was because of the presidential primaries coming or struggles I was experiencing within the church I have been serving. Day after day I would beg God for a clearer mind and less heavy heart. For the last few months, I have sunk deeper and deeper into ... depression. For the first time in a while, I realize that the depression I thought had left me has really been there all along.

I thought I was managing it well or that it wasn't as bad as it felt, but it has finally overcome me in such a way that I needed help. Most of my Christian life, I have been praying not to feel so hurt all the time. You see, every time some one gossiped about me or lied to or about me, I felt rejection and abandonment. Every conflict I have exper…