Here we go!

Well, this week has been a tough week. We enjoyed our time in PA with the Henz's and Community Fellowship during their Global Awakening weekend. Unfortunately, Haleigh lost her favorite stuffed animal named Ernie when we left. Fortunately, Ray went to the hotel and found it. Wheeewwww. We had exactly 12 hours to relax when we got home before Michelle and I traveled to Kettering Hospital for my surgery. Now after 3 days, I am still sore and a little tired. It has been hard to get motivated these past few days. I have been in and out of sleeping on the couch in the basement and did not get anything done that I wanted to get done. This weekend, we will begin working on letters to send out for support. We need to get some printing done this next week to get those letters out and need to begin to work on our website to give people a glimpse of what we will be doing while starting up the church in Hawaii. So this next week will be incredibly busy.

On a different note, pray for Harlan and his church plant in Waianae. This past week, a 16 year old young man died in an accident there that was Chuukese. There are a lot of details we are still waiting on and still don't know how he died. Pray for his family and for Harlan to bring Christ with him as he ministers to the students there. Also pray for this to be a wakeup call to so many of the gang members there. Pray for us as we begin to recruit supporters for this incredible mission of starting a church.


  1. We are so glad you were able to come out! And Ernie should be arriving very soon (he just took the scenic route :))

    We're praying for y'all as you get the printing and other stuff done. Also, we're praying for Harlan and his church!


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