In Hawaii

Michelle and I are currently in Hawaii. As we have driving around today, I have been reminded by the enemy how impossible it is for me to insert my life back into Hawaii and reach people bringing them to a relationship with Christ. I have been fighting all night and day with being overwhelmed with how much I cannot do. As we drive around Kaneohe ad Kailua, I see that I don't know this place much anymore. Things have changed and I am not a local kid. The enemy used a good friend to discourage me today. He asked the question whether anyone coming with us had a seminary degree. This always reminds me that I don't have a degree and that I am not qualified (by man's terms) to lead a church. It has been a rough day. I have never felt so out of place here in Hawaii. So as I write, I want to let you know what the enemy has done to me today, not to question what God has invited us to, but to get desperate with me and beg God for some clarity and for us to see where in these towns He is inviting us. I am fighting as I write this to tell the enemy to take a hike. God has done too much for this all to be wrong. In fact, that we are here showing another couple what might be their life also and praying over an 18 year old missionary who is struggling herself, I am reminded that we are exactly where we are suppose to be, in desperation to see God at work. My heart is ready for God to shove the enemy into the eternal hole he belongs in. But I am also reminded of the 95,000 people just miles from me that will spend eternity with Satan in HELL. I am calling on all of you (and I mean all of you), we need your prayers and not just dinner prayers. We need you to desperately beg God for His revealing His work. Pray for Allie, she is being brave, but is hurting inside for those in Ohio. I am truly proud of her and thank God for her. Her courage is teaching me so much right now. BEG in PRAYER!


  1. Shawn, I have been praying for you all off and on all day, and I will prayer harder. I want you to know that I do not believe that you need a degree to teach people about Christ. People are not looking for your diploma. They are looking for the kind word... the forgiving touch... the understanding... the grace... truth. I promise you that you and Michelle changed my life this year. I had gotten really hurt, and I was so far from my faith and relationship with Christ that I had a hole that would just ache non-stop. When you two were honest and open to accepting Christ's plan for you, it really made me realize how far I had fallen, and I wanted so desperately to have that relationship I once had. I honestly believe that you have a God given talent for connecting with people. The people in Hawaii deserve to learn about God, Jesus dying for their sins, about GRACE, and the TRUTH!!! You don't need a diploma, a degree, or a fancy title to connect with people. Just show up and do what God does so well through you!!! I will continue to pray. I'm so grateful that God connected us through Judgement House. I now feel like I am back on the path that God had planned for me, and it is because of people that he placed in my life... The people in Hawaii now need those people.

    So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
    Isaiah 41:10


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