Leaving for TN today

Well, it has been an interesting couple of days here in Hawaii. The enemy put on a full court pressure to get me to tell God no to Hawaii. However, we have fought thru and believe that the invitation is still there. I am amazed at how God is working and what He might do this our church plant. There is a young lady named Ariana that has lead most of her family to Jesus and shared with me that her family wants a church closer to Kaneohe. We are still praying whether to start in Kaneohe or Kailua. So we will put this to God and see what happens.

We head home tonight and are looking forward to seeing our kids. I am not looking forward to the drive from Little Rock to Memphis when we land and then Memphis to Ohio on Wednesday. I hope jet-lag doesn't set in until Thursday for me. Then we head to Pennsylvania either Friday or Saturday for a Global impact Celebration. Then home Monday and surgery on Tuesday. I'm ready for October to be here. Thanks for praying for us, keep praying as we continue to look for where God is at work.


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