8 Chuukese are Christ's forever

Last night we had an opportunity to join Harlan in his Friday night tutoring and bible study. I got to share from John 17:3 about eternal life being defined by our knowing God. At the end of the study, 6 Chuukese students turned from their sin and turned to Jesus. After eating with the rest of the group, two gang members approached me with the question how do I go to heaven. One said that he knew he needed to become a Christian but didn't know how. After about 30 minutes of questions and answers, they both surrendered to Jesus. I remember just before they prayed, I asked both of them what is worth going to hell for? What they did not want God to take away from them? One answered "his boys". I think we see gangs as this dangerous group of young men who will bust a cap in you the moment you come around their turf. However, it is really a group of boys who are needing community. There is strength in numbers and these boys find strength in being together. After both of the boys prayed, one took his colors off. I asked him why he did that and he responded that he is with Jesus now and doesn't need a gang. Pray for him today. It is going to be hell for him as he steps back on the streets. God has been good to us and is doing some sweet things. I still don't understand why God would allow me to have influence over these young men, but He has.

We ended our night with a bowl of Pineapple Dole Whip. It is non-dairy so Michelle could have some. However, it was in Waikiki, which on Friday night, is a place of lust and lies. I asked God if He had given Waikiki over to the enemy. I am still waiting on that answer. Pray for us, we need some clarity in which town to begin work in. Both have challenges that go far beyond us. Thank you to all of you who had sent encouragement. Your words have been like Dole Whip to my soul, refreshing and good.


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