Intimacy is not for animals!

   Over and over throughout scriptures I am seeing one theme! We were created for intimacy with God our creator. In Genesis chapter 2 the creation of man is shown in a special way. God stoops down and breathes into us. Why is this so important you might ask? Well, for once we don't see Him stooping down when animals or anything else is being created. He just speaks animals and other things created into existence, but not with man. The scriptures give the creation of man special attention in God stooping down to earth and breathing into a form of clay. This alone puts man as highly created over all other earthen things created. But that's not even the best thing about God creating man. He gives man something that is not given (spoken through the word about) to anything else created - His Spirit!

   God breathes Himself into man and what comes alive was always to have this special connection that no other created being can enjoy - INTIMACY! God breathed into Adam and created a being to share Himself with. There is no fathomable reason God would create a being to share Himself with since He is complete and needs nothing, except for the pure pleasure of sharing Himself with something. Man is highly created and was created for one purpose alone - to be intimately glorifying to God! Mankind is created for intimacy with God whereas the rest of creation is only for the function of glorifying God! Look at Genesis 1-3 and you will see the common theme of man being created to be with God. Man is created last, God stoops down and breathes into Adam, God comes looking for man when man sins, God sacrifices created animals to allow man to live! God created us to be with Him and He created us with the ability to Love Him! No animal has this ability, no plant has this ability, no rock or amount of water, only man!

   How foolish we must look trying to satisfy this created desire for intimacy with anything other than God? I can make the argument that God created us for intimacy with each other (community) but the essence of that intimacy is God Himself. We can only find this longing fulfilled and whole within being intimate with God. As as father and husband I have come to quickly realize that if I am not intimate with God, I am not intimately healthy with my kids and wife. What they need is for me to be with God and allow God to live His life through me to them! What I need is to be intimate with God and have God show me where I have not welcomed Him in my relationship with Him! I need Jesus and so do you!

   This has been the thought of this past week and I believe it leads to other conversations such as: the abortion conversation, putting animal life over human life, the fight to conserve the earth's supplies vs the fight for life! I don't think that people should beat animals and get away with it or just consume creation because we have dominion over it. However, culturally we have exalted the rest of creation over mankind. This flies in the face of God since we make all of creation more important than the lives that God stooped down and breathed into! Life is to be fought for and life is to be honored. It should disturb us when life is ended before it has a chance to live intimately with God outside of the womb. It should disturb us when we try to fulfill our desire for intimacy with animals who cannot be intimate with us. It should disturb us when a created for intimacy being ends another created for intimacy being's life. It should disturb us when people live alone with no one to share their lie with. One of the church's foundational truths is God bringing His people Together! Are we disturbed when people die alone or have no one to turn to. Intimacy brings up more than being with God, but being with God shows us our need for God to live through us to others! Let us remember that God created us to be with Him and to love what He loves which are people!


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