My Husband is so good at what He does

I have been reading this book called "Grace Walk" by the author Steve McVey. It is simply rocking my world and helping me move from a law based Christian life (which is not the Christian life) to a love relationship with Christ. One of the statements that he makes in the book is that he moved from being a maid to Jesus (trying to do stuff for Jesus) to being the bride of Jesus (enjoying intimacy with Christ and just being with Him). I have watched Jesus (my spiritual husband) do the most incredible things in front of and through me this week.

Yesterday, I decided to go to the beach and read, thinking that the waves would give me a calm time reading. When I got to white plains two things immediately stuck out and got my attention (there goes my reading). First, there were tents set up there with a group called This is an organization that helps those with disabilities to surf. I watched a gentlemen that was in a wheelchair (it seems that he had no strength in his legs) be put on a surfboard specially made and I watched him slide down the front of the waves. There was a special floating wheel chair they used to get him in the water, which was pretty cool. Then I watched as several life guards/instructors surfed around him to make sure he didn't get into too much trouble while one of the instructors helped him catch some waves. It was an incredible site.

As I watch this, the Spirit spoke to me saying that this is how I am. There are things in this world that I simply cannot do with God doing them through me and around me. In some ways I am helpless. I cannot make relationships happen, I cannot get people to love Jesus, I am not able to keep myself from harm. But Jesus can and does. He is the lifeguards around me, keeping me from killing myself. He is the instructors, giving me a push and showing me how to do things. He is also the boldness living through me that allows me to get on that water and brave it even though I don't have the ability to use my broken body the way it was supposed to be used. I love my Jesus for not only being their to be my protection and teachers, but also for being my strength and boldness. That He lives through me and that He does it. I get to hang on and enjoy the surf! I love it when scripture comes true ... "for what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them" Romans 1:19. God is very plain to me!

The second thing you ask? Well there was a Hawaiian Monk Seal sleeping on the beach about 30 yards from where I was attempting to read. What a site to see the creation of God through nature. Later I learned something cool about monk seals but will not expound in this writing.

Are you a maid or a bride? There is a big difference, one works their butts off to enjoy a wage the other simple enjoys the one who has it all!


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