TN was warm, Ohio was cold and Christ is still supreme!

I have had a great a refreshing time in TN and OH. I feel as Job did at the end of the book of Job: I may have lost temporal communion with those we left to move to Hawaii but I am one blessed man. So many people in my life have been an incredible blessing. Although our time here in the mainland is coming to a closure, I am excited about the road ahead. God has used this trip to both refresh me and refresh those I once was in constant fellowship with. Here are a few things the Lord did in and through my life!

1. Vance Pitman preached three time during Urbancrest's missions conference and here are the three things that the Lord taught me while listening:

a. We don't pray before the work, PRAYER IS THE WORK, then GOD WORKS!

I needed to hear this. I have been asking God for months now for how He is going to use us and He answered through Vance's preaching 1 Timothy 2:1-8. We are going to be a praying people and allowing God to join us to His activity in our lives, in Kapolei, in Hawaii and in the world!

b. "I am never more like Jesus than when I give" Johnny Hunt

What a word from God about giving. We don't give our tithe and offering because God needs it, we give it because we love what He loves. Giving is a hear thing not a pocket book thing! My church and I can join what God is doing through the avenue of giving.

Acts 11:19-30

c. God's primary call on my life is intimacy!

I have been learning this one, but it was a great encouragement to be reminded of this one. I have to be honest, there were many around me that I hope was listening to this message. Everything we do comes out of our relationship with Jesus. But many of us believe that God wants us to muster obedience, which we cannot do. He is the only one that can be obedient to His laws and desires. Therefore, He saved us to live in intimacy and His Son Jesus lives obedience through us.

What God is teaching right now, is being replicated through me to others. I had a ton of conversations about living the Christ life. I watched many struggle through the conversations I had, but I also watched many become free from burden and weight. It was so awesome to be used by God to bring freedom to others.

I am a blessed man. Not only do I have a great wife and some sweet kids, but I have friendships that I don't deserve. So many have loved us these past weeks. I am honored that we have churches like Urbancrest, Lucy, Brookville, Vandalia, Bloom and others behind us through this journey. They remind me that we have an army with us but all we really need is Jesus. Glad they remind me to find my peace and rest in Jesus!

Well, we are leaving TN tonight and will be back in Hawaii tomorrow night. I am getting really excited about seeing our core team and continuing whatever work the Lord has to do through us. It has been so good to be here, but I am ready for the warm weather in Hawaii. I need to surf this weekend, anyone in?


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