Cool Things happen on this journey

We have had some really cool prayers answered recently. First, it looks like we have a logo and have a friend working on the next phase (printing). Second, someone has offered us a temporary house to live in after we sell our house and before we head to Hawaii. Third, Michelle and I celebrated 14 years of marriage last night. We took a riverboat cruise near Cincinnati. It was a mostly romantic night. I say mostly because there was a school of Junior Highers there that would not stay in one area. They walked all over that boat and made sure they were as loud as possible. I guess I'm not done hanging out with students. It was a great reminder the cool things God has done in my life and what He has taught me.

We are still getting ready for the Launch Network assessment in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. Pray for us as we travel and for Nick and Suzy Killin as they watch most of our kids for those couple of days we are gone. Speaking of Nick and Suzy, they got married this past weekend. Suzy looked great and Nick did awesome. They are enjoying a house on Fort Myers Beach in Florida for their honeymoon which a mutual of ours has allowed them to use. I want pictures of the place when they come back.

Thanks for praying for us. For those of you that are wondering, we are taking in support through Urbancrest Baptist Church. If you would like to send a one time gift or the first of the monthly support that the Lord might be putting on your heart, please send it to Urbancrest and write the check to the "Faith Promise Fund". In the memo line write Hawaii Church Plant. This will allow you to have a record of giving. We will use any gifts now as seed money until we get on the field. Please don't forget about our yard sale June 25 in the morning. We are hoping to make over $2000 on the sale of our stuff. We will be putting out a bunch. Thanks for praying, looking to see what God does (or has done) next.



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