Out of intimacy

One reminder we had last week that I have had a hard time grasping is "I am called to intimacy with Christ, not ministry. Ministry is the overflow of my intimacy with Him". Vance Pitman spoke so clearly on this subject. I often forget this and get ministry ahead of my intimacy. Today was about to be one of those days until God's Spirit intervened. I am thankful for a God who loves me so much that I can call Him Daddy, because He is my Daddy. I think this is an aspect of God we forget to concentrate on, His fatherhood on our lives. We talk about God being Lord, but we forget the intimacy that we have with our Daddy. I hope that does not offend you, calling Him Daddy. My children call me this often and I get to receive this name because our Father wears it well over me. I am honored to be called daddy because of the joy of being their father. I see God's love for me in such intimacy, that He is my Daddy and that He finds joy in being my Daddy (not that I have done anything but that He is the Father and a wonderful Father at that). I believe it is such an intimate word that many are uncomfortable with it. But we are called to intimacy with Him. Shouldn't we talk intimately with Him? Sorry, I am going on a tangent here. I simply want to remind you of what my Daddy reminded me of this past week. My heart is exploding right now because of His incredible love for me. I pray you will feel intimate with your Daddy in heaven this week. Know He wants to be intimate with you!

Pastor Shawn Peoples
One of His kids!

P.S. He is answering so many prayers right now, I am too overwhelmed to list them. I might write it down in a book though.


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