Take the world and give me Jesus

As I sit and listen the Ascend The Hill's "Take the World, but give me Jesus" I am reminded of the hope that Christ has given us. This morning in Acts 25-27, I read the boldness of Paul as he used his circumstances to preach the Gospel in hopes to persuade all who listened that they would turn to Jesus. What incredible joy that Paul displays in Jesus, sharing how he was once a killer of Christians, yet through Jesus has been redeemed and his purpose is now fulfilled in Christ.

How many times do we see the circumstance we are in as a avenue to share Jesus? I am reminded of the way I was brought into sexual immorality and how our Lord has forever changed others through me and my circumstances. I see hope in my trials that Christ would not only make my joy complete but others that I am brought around by the Spirit of God. Some of you are hurting right now over decisions made by others. Will you waste it and pack it away or will you use it to show others the joy you have in Christ Jesus? I pray that your hope would be found in the same hope that Paul's was founded. That Jesus Christ is God, He loved perfectly and gave His life willingly on the cross to set us free. Not only that but that Jesus rose again from death on the third day and sits on the Throne of God sending to those who need Him hope. In that hope, that we who have broken the law, find redemption through His death and resurrection. That for those of us who have trusted in His power and life, we now have eternity with Him when our time is done on this earth. Paul held tightly to Christ as His hope, Michelle and I are learning to also. How about you? Do you see your circumstances as a means to gain more joy and to share Jesus' story in you?

We get to go to Hawaii and share Jesus' story in us. I know it is going to be hard and though there lays grand visions in my head about what might happen when we get there, the hope and joy of Christ will carry us through the trials, realizing that they are brought so we might share Jesus' story! Don't waste your circumstances!

Pastor Shawn Peoples


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