The Gospel requires the Body to finish the work

For whatever reason that God decided to, He has called believers to be the heralds of the Gospel. As I have been studying the church in Corinth, I am becoming more aware that God has put believers together to strengthen the efforts of the Gospel. Paul, in chapter 12 of 1 Corinthians, talks about the importance of the body. That God has put the body together and that parts of the body are different for a reason. Parts have different functions and that those functions in the whole are for the complete work of Christ. So what is the complete work of Christ. Acts 1:8 tells the church that IT WILL be His representatives throughout the world. In Matthew 28, Christ implores His followers to go throughout the world and MAKE DISCIPLES teaching them to follow the teachings of Christ. In Luke 19:10, Jesus tells everyone that He has come for the purpose of Salvation, in that there are those who are perishing and that He has come to save them from their eternal destiny. The church cannot deny this call. It is the purpose that the church is put together, to represent Christ in His mission to the world. It is the combined effort of the church to take the Gospel and allow the Spirit of God to work through the individuals of the church to seek and to save those which are lost. In saying this, I am asking everyone to pray for this church plant. It is going to take parts of the body of Christ around the world to see this church plant grow and multiply. It takes those who will carry the Gospel to Hawaii, it takes those who will pray and serve those carrying the Gospel and it takes those who will fund this church beginning. Everyone is important in this mission and it will take a multitude to see it happen. The wonderful thing is this is the way God has planned it. The body working together to spread the fame and Glory of Jesus Christ. Please pray for this new church and how you can be involved in the work of building God's kingdom. Maybe you are able to come and serve as a core team member or on a short term trip to help the church begin. Maybe you can commit your hours to pray or even supply needs for the church. Maybe you can help be part of funding this church as it begins. What is God inviting you to do in this plan.

To give you an update on where we stand. Michelle and I have begun to get rid of things in our house. We will have a yard sake sometime in June to begin liquidating items for the move. I estimate our need at $42,000. This figure is the cost of moving a small amount of household items, repurchasing vehicles, down payments on an apartment and meeting place for the church, cost of flights to move the family and do some vision work, purchase equipment for the church and to begin the actual work in Hawaii. Some of this we know we will raise through selling items but we will need others to give toward this. Our current church, Urbancrest Baptist Church, is beginning to take in funding for us. The first week they opened the account, someone put $50 in it. Praise God for this giver. We will also need people to give monthly to this church. our hope is to not need funding by the second year of the church so we can begin planting more churches. Our dream is 36 churches in ten years. God is calling us to do some great work, will you be part of it?


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