And the church plant begins

I am overwhelmed at the blessings that people shared with us yesterday. I pray that as we now begin to shift toward Hawaii, that my eyes would continue to search for the work of God and that I would run from sin. Thank you to everyone who blessed us and shared the work of God in your life through us. Here are some things for all of us to pray over as our attention begins to focus on Hawaii.

Hawaii is consider 95% lost. This means that most of the people in Hawaii are destined for eternal separation from God the Father unless they turn from their sin and place their faith in Jesus Christ.

50% of Chuukese students drop out of school by the age of 14. The education system is hard for these children as they try to adjust to Hawaii.

20% is the poverty rate in Hawaii. Pray for the church to see this and be able to minister to those without.

55,000 is the number of people in Kaneohe, Hawaii where we will be planting the church.

4/12 is the month and year we hope to begin the work in Kaneohe!


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