Where do we find time to do Christian things with our schedules so full?

This world is hard! Yes, I said it and so have you, "this world is hard". There is so much pulling at us and so much to do. We are overwhelmed with responsibilities and tangible things that pull at us constantly, hoping for our affection and time. As a Father; my family, my house responsibilities and my position within the church can become overwhelming. Where do I find the time to do everything I am responsible for and still find time to follow Christ's call?

I think the problem is really the last question! I see a ton of people that live very segmented lives; they have their Christian life (missions, church and bible reading), they have their family life and their work life. Sometimes they even find enough time to have a hobby or 5. I see people so busy with life that they are running non-stop, only to give me that "I don't have time for another church thing" look. You know that look, its the roll of the eyes when someone announces an opportunity to serve or a mission trip to go on. Its that scared look when I am walking toward someone after service about meeting together weekly for prayer. Its that mad look that tells others don't bother me with another thing to do. My personal favorite is that overwhelmed look that says "there is no peace in my life so let me take on another thing so God will finally give me peace and leave me alone" look. We are busy, but none of our busyness is righteous or good when we approach our day and life with the question "how do I find time to do everything and be a follower of Christ?".

The real problem lies in our segmented view of being a Christ follower. Church after church I have been to I see segmented Christians. They have separated their life in Christ with their life in the world, only to allow the 2 to intersect when they need help or can some how mesh the 2 together in a mission trip! Passion for Jesus and hard work within the world have become 2 different things within our lives. We have forgotten our PRIMARY CALLING and that is to be with God. I am 100% (I would say 200% positive but then my other personality would be talking also) positive that many of us have put a divide between our time with Jesus and our time in this world. We don't see our time with Christ as our launching point into this world but as something to get some strength so we can get dragged through our day only to barely survive the day and try again tomorrow. Is this really how we are to live our lives, in survival mode? I know, there are days that will always feel like survival mode, but they are not the norm!

So what am I saying? Something that my mentor Paul Gotthardt continues to remind me of, "Everything God will do in you and through you He will do out of the overflow of His intimacy with you". Our calling is to be with Jesus and then allow Jesus to do what is necessary to launch us into the day and sustain His work through out the day! When our focus becomes on our day and not on Christ, we have segmented our life and only made Christ part of it, instead of all of it! Think about this:

     "I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life  which I now live in the flesh I live by FAITH in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me."                    
                                      Galatians 2:20

Faith is being in utter and total desperation on God!

So who is living your day; You or Christ? You and God cannot both be in the control center of your life at the same time! God never meant to have co-ownership of anything you have. He always wants it all and that means your day also! To segment Christ as just part of your day is to limit Him to only your quiet times or your times in need. He is the One wanting to live your life through out your day! You and I died and the life we now life is IN CHRIST. By the way, the term "in Christ" is in the New Testament over 120 times. You might want to look those up and find out what Christ has accomplished for you!

Christ is our life and He is the only One that is suppose to live this life, not you trying harder to make it through it! Let me leave you with 3 thoughts that God has allowed me to share with others and continue to correct my self trying life:

       "God can accomplish more with you in 15 minutes than you can accomplish in 50 years"

       "Jesus came to kill you, clean you, raise you back up and live through you"

       "Jesus, put on a Shawn Peoples suit today and live your life in my flesh accomplishing all that you want"

Let Jesus have your day and continue to surrender everything! He owns it all so let Him own it!


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