My emotions are at opposite ends today!

So this morning (1 am) I woke up and walked downstairs for the first time in 2 months to an empty downstairs. What an eerie feeling as 2 months of ministry with Abby Barham came to a close yesterday. Abby and her parents flew back to the mainland at 7:30 Hawaii time last night. Michelle and I are a roller coaster of emotions today. On one hand, we are thankful for God loving us through our family and friends who have traveled from the mainland to be with us. However, on the other hand, we have heavy hearts because those friends and families are not here anymore. I have been reflecting all morning on how much God loves us and how He has an incredible plan for us. He knew we needed to have Abby in our house for those months, but He also knew we needed to rely on Him more than we do people. What a great paradox of emotions! Thankful that my Savior Jesus Christ loves us and has a path He is laying out for us. Pray for the next four weeks as we continue our Bible study on Colossians, coach 2 football teams and love our neighbors. We are not alone, but there are days that feel like it!


  1. Sending love and hugs your way, nephew. I'm so thrilled to see what God is doing in and through your family!

  2. Hey Pastor Shawn: The blog looks wonderful and I enjoyed reading your thoughts today. Continuing to pray for your family ;>)

  3. stay strong we know you can handle what god has in store for you,its game night thinking and missing you.


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