Back to Ohio soon!

It has been one heck of a week or 12. I feel like I haven't slept in a month and realize that so much is going on around me. Sleep has been so bad that I haven't surfed since Abby and her parents went back to Ohio (its all her fault, just kidding). Really I haven't surfed because I am a social creature and haven't found anyone else to go with me yet. As I write, I am overlooking Pearl Harbor from a coffee shop just 5 miles from their. The scenery is incredible as I can see the Harbor, the ocean and the mountains all around. God's creation is simply amazing and wondrous.

As of this week, we will be in our tenth week of Bible Study. We are entering into Colossians 1:29-2:2 tonight with the background of "its all about Jesus". Tullian Tchvijdian proclaims Colossians to be "Jesus + Nothing = Everything", which couldn't sum up this book better. We are all learning so much about our place in Christ and our identity which is found in Jesus and not ourselves or the world. Our actions no longer dictate who I am, Christ gives me who I am. It has been a freeing book to go through and we just will make it out of the first chapter tonight. Our group has made it up to 9 adults (including Michelle and I) and we are moving to a missional living phase which means we will begin to reach out as a group monthly as we gather. God is doing so much through us.

Sunday I preach at Mililani Baptist Church. Pray for them, their pastor retired several months ago and they are beginning to search for another pastor. I am NOT preaching to be their pastor but to give them courage while they search out their leader. Monday, I hop on a plane for Memphis, TN for a few days and then drive to LEBANON, OHIO to hang with some great people. Nick Killin is being ordained that day and I am joining the celebration of Nick's life. Pray for a great time of reunion and encouragement. Pray also for Divine appointments with people. One of the reasons I am coming back for a few days is to help our two other couples with finances. Please pray for financial and prayer partners to increase.

Here are some pictures that I enjoy everyday(well not everyday and yes that is a Marlin in the back of that truck!) here in Hawaii.

Looking forward to seeing a bunch of you next week and to eat some BBQ! Hawaii doesn't have any good places for Southern BBQ! Enjoy Haleigh Surfing for the first time!


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