This means WAR!

Friends, family and countrymen .... I write this while my heart is being torn and pulled at. We have been under a tremendous amount of attacks these past two weeks. The enemy has been trying to get us to quit and head back to Ohio. It has been a horrible week so far in fighting my sin and temptation. I feel like the sermon on Romans 7 that I preaches at Urbancrest a while back is being preached back to me with no victory. It has been a tough time getting motivated and allowing Christ to love through me. Michelle has been hurting also, with feelings of homesickness. I kept thinking that I should just go lead worship somewhere and disappear into the sea of mundane churches. It has been hard, BUT!

My God is so good. Last night we were able to have dinner with one of the families in our Bible Study and they blessed us so much. They fed Michelle and I an incredible dinner then shared a Canadian board game with us (in which I want to play now) and let us watch a movie with them. It allowed Michelle and I to be ministered to by the Spirit of God and for our wounds to close up. This morning although the battle began, God prompted me to take my kids out and teach them to prayer walk. It was an incredible blessing listening to their prayers for our neighborhood. I am so thankful for the Lord working through me to teach my children to pray for our neighbors. I had sent Michelle and Abby (our summer intern) off to get a mani-pedi which I found on While they were getting spoiled physically, I was being spoiled spiritually. It has been a good morning and afternoon. I pray that the Lord will continue to show off today.

Our 3rd, Bible Study is this Thursday night at 6pm. The first week we have 15 total (including kids) and last week we had 14 with two being interns that are serving in Waianae this summer. We know that another has promised to show up this week and we are hoping that God will bless us with others. Please pray for this weekly study as we begin to seek God for core team members and begin to pray where and when to begin Sunday worship service!


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