Hopefully It Begins

Last week we had 10 people from Ohio help us meet people and pass out Shave Ice in preparation of the Bible Study we are starting in our home June 14th. It was a great week to hang out with people I knew and a great opportunity to meet some I did not know well. Our family were tremendously blessed by their coming and serving with us. I miss Ohio more today than before they came and find myself extremely favored by God to have people love us.

But now is the time to get ready for tomorrow. I have been nervous all week. Questions have been in my head all week such as: does God really want to use me? is He really going to bring people? am I about to become a lead pastor? I am full of nerves and I know what most of you would say: TRUST GOD. But before some of you decide to say this to me, let me ask you a question? Have you relied on God to bring people to a Bible Study that will begin and set the tone for the church you will be a part of planting? I am again back to relying on God for all the results. If no one shows up tomorrow then we know that God is not ready to pour out people to us, but if He brings many than He gets glory either way. Pray for us, for I am nervous and I long to see God do His thing in front of me.


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