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It is no secret that we are looking for people to join us in Hawaii to start this church in Kapolei. I am still stuck on the struggle of people saying yes. For many years I would tell God yes, but then wait for Him to do certain things before I obeyed. Many times, I did not even check with Him before doing ministry. I now realize how easy it is not to be intimate with Christ and still do ministry. For many years I lived this way, not relying on what He was doing in me, but relying on what I knew to minister. At first, it was hard to go back to intimacy with Christ. I had become so reliant on me that I forgot what it was to rely on Him. Now, I cannot go a day without His work in my life.

Many times I have realized that I have not enjoyed God's provision when I was not where God wanted me. How could I rely on Him, when I was not being obedient? I did not rely on Him because I was not where He wanted me to be. Intimacy brings us to that place where He pours out His Spirit and shows His provision.

How many of us are saying yes to God with conditions? How many of us are saying "God I will when You do ...."? Saying yes means that whether or not you get what you want or need, you're all in. Whether or not God sells your house, provides the finances, brings the people into your life or whatever conditions you have put on God. How many of us are waiting on God to provide something before we say yes? Saying yes means YES no matter what. We are on our way to moving to Hawaii soon, what has God asked you to join Him in? Are you putting conditions on how or when you would go with Him? Have you looked for the provision of His power without being obedient in His call? He won't provide where He is not at work!


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